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JMES publishes papers, reviews as well as special issues. Submission of papers using the Word Template to jmesaccepted gmail. All papers published by JMES are free of charge. Why Hammouti defined among authors who have published more papers in Scopus at ? Production scientifique des pays du Maghreb Algerie, Maroc et Tunisie entre et utilisant la base de donnee Scopus.

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In the first section the short abstract of a paper read before the American Association for the advancement of Science is worthy of notice as showing that the fundamental ideas and methods of the treatise on Statistical Mechanics were well developed in the author's mind at least seventeen years before the publication of that work. The second edition includes the Elements of Vector Analysis, privately printed in — for the use of the author's classes, but never published. It contains in a very condensed form all the essential features of Professor Gibbs's system of Vector Analysis, but without the illustrations on this subject.

Copies of this pamphlet have been for many years past practically unobtainable. Here is alos placed a hitherto unpublished letter to the editor of Klinkerfues' Theoretische Astronomie, on the use of the author's vector method for the determination of orbits.

Five papers on the Electromagnetic Theory of Light constitute the third section. The fourth and last is composed of miscellaneous papers, including biographical sketches of Clausius and of the author's colleague Hubert A. The editors have spared no pains to make the reprint typographically accurate.


In a few cases slight corrections had been made by Professor Gibbs in his own copies of the papers. These changes, together with the correction of obvious misprints in the originals, have been incorporated in the present edition without comment.

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A sketch of the life and estimate of the work of Professor Gibbs, by one of the editors, is placed at the beginning of the first volume. It is taken, with some additions, from the American Journal of Science, September Page Biographical Sketch ,.

Xu G, Wang H F. Development of topic models in natural language processing.


Chinese J Comput, 8 : Young, The Technical Writer's Handbook. Indexing by latent semantic analysis [J].

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Hofmann T. ACM, Latent dirichlet allocation [J].

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J Machine Learning Research Archive, , 3: Luo L, Li L. Defining and evaluating classification algorithm for high-dimensional data based on latent topics [J]. PloS one, , 9 1 : e Hinton G E. Learning distributed representations of concepts. A neural probabilistic language model [J]. Journal of machine learning research, , 3 Feb : Zhang W T.

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Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Zhu X M. Weibo recommendation based on Word2Vec topic extraction [D]. Beijing Institute of Technology, Computer Science, , 43 6 :